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"Fuck to you, and fuck to your face!" -Abdo Kaboobie

Abdo Kaboobie is a Middle Eastern Egyptian man who often has problems with bad food. His main catchphrase is to ask for "Combensaytion" because it is what he needs. He often asks for a ridiculously high amount of a product in enchange for his problem. He can evidently speak Arabic but chooses not to because he promised his wife to practice his English. He tends to say "ya styoobid" when people don't cooperate with him or simply piss him off. Abdo loves using the word "habibi(boy)/habibti(girl) when referring to people he talks to on the phone. This often outrages people as the word habib(t)i is considered a very personal term of endearment and should not be used to refer to strangers. One time his use of the word to a Saudi Arabian man led the man to believe Abdo was gay in which Abdo said people from Egypt "Don't do these thing'z."

Abdo also seems to be a big lover of hookah as he is mentioned smoking it in several pranks and a hookah pipe is seen in the background of his house during animated pranks. It has been revealed Abdo is a Muslim as evident when mentioning how he was observing Ramadan and was about to "Bass out" from lack of food and water. Although Abdo is Muslim, there are several references to him drinking alcohol. Abdo tends to love women with nice "kaboobies" or "mangos" which is his way of referring to their cleavage as he does not know all the local American terms. Abdo is a proud American and talks highly of his "American basbooor (passport)"

Abdo is the fourth-popular character, after Rakesh Cristoval and before Juan Martinez.

Quotes Edit

"I believe the call got disconnect"
"Boom boom in the toilet"
"zis is abdo"
"ya styoobid"
"I am resourceful."
"Your whole family and generations are FA-GOATS"

  • "Combensaytion"
  • "Kiss my ass ya donkey"
  • "zis"
  • "Bleeze"
  • "Can I talk to (insert name here) bleeze?"

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