This is a Chinese chef called in parts 1 and 2 of the Angry Asian Restaurant Prank. He is civil at first, but after Buk Lau gets angry at him for refusing $500, he is just as vulgar as Buk. He is racist towards the Vietnamese, saying numerous insults about them. In part 2, it is revealed that the chef remembers Buk, even five months later.


"[Fuck] Your whole (unintelligible) your everybody in your house, okay? Your whole everybody."

"Fuck all the Vietnamese, okay? Vietnamese a piece of shit!"

"Come fight with me! You know where I am, come here!"

"Fuck all your ancestors!"

"He-he, fuck your mother. You think I don't remember you?"

"Fuck all the Vietnamese. Vietnamese asshole, you know? Fuck your mother and your grandmother. Fuck every Vietnamese. I want to kill all the Vietnamese, okay? Okay, asshole."

"Diu nǐ lǎomǔ ah!" ("Fuck your mother" in Cantonese)