Black man calls the KKK
Black man calls the KKK
It’s unknown at this point if this was the thumbnail of the alleged video


2016 (May, June, July)

Video Views


Video Length

Unclear; some people claim it was over the five minute mark

Featured characters

Rakesh, Tyrone at some point??

Black man calls the KKK is allegedly a video uploaded by Ownage Pranks in mid-2016 after a great amount of request regarding the prank calling to Ku Klux Klan. While the existence of this video remains unknown, several "proof statements" have been released following some controversy.

Reception Edit

Most people have come to the conclusion that this claim is a hoax, but some are still skeptical and allude to the fact that Ownage himself is hiding and not speaking out on this controversy, to not further more cause uproar in the community. The people who believe that the video existed (claim) that it was up for about ten minutes: [5] or [less] before getting removed. Others claim that is was up for less than three minutes, on top of that being unlisted. If this is indeed true, that would probably mean that only around 80-100 people saw the clip.