Buk Lau is a asian persona. He is the most poular persona out of 9 different charaters. He current job is owning a chinese restaurant. He is known for complaining about the littlest unless things like not the right flavor, not having broccoli at his chinese restaurant, his fourtune cookie has a bad fourtune ect. He likes asking soulless no-lifes retail 


Buk Lau

working if they want his tootie roll, noodle, ding dong (penis names). He is also a girl and a boy, if the victim thinks it's a girl it's a girl, if they think it's a boy it's a boy.


He doesn't know alot of american songs. 

He is the most popular character.

He is confused for being a girl.

Tyrone is likely "her" husband in complains videos.

He likes discounts for chinese custines.

Quotes Edit

"Like a somebooooodee fuc u bic"

"Duh hello?"

"I need SOMEBOOOOOOOOODEE to help me!"


"My noodle/tootie roll/ding dong so small!"

"Do you hear yourself muddafucka?"

"How dare you make fun of my tootie roll"

"The coke in stock not cock!"

The cock in stock!:

"I shove fortune cookie up your aaa"


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