"Lik a sumboodee, fuc you bic!" -Buk Lau

Buk Lau (Cantonese: 福老, Fuk1 Lou5; also known as Buk Lulu/Rangaha Timamongoyum Tirumghai/Worq Gui) is the most popular and the first character of Ownage Pranks.

Gender Edit

Buk Lau is male (known because of condom prank calls and the Angry Antenna Removal Prank,) but in some prank calls, Buk has been portrayed as female or has been called female due to his relationship with Tyrone Biggums and his voice. Fuc u bic


Relationships/Family Edit

In multiple prank calls, Buk Lau claims to be the wife of Tyrone Biggums. (Costco Free Samples Prank Call) He also claimed to have a girlfriend, as shown in the Asian v.s. Psychic Prank Call animation. This is mostly due to Buk’s gender changing depending on the situation of the prank call. Buk Lau's girlfriend in this particular animation is portrayed as 'Betty' from the Crazy Asian Landlord Prank, Buk Lau Crazy Real Estate Lady Part 2 Prank, and the Sexy Time with Asian Landlord Prank. Buk Lau also claims to have a son in the Walmart Asian Photo Prank Call and the Naughty In-Store Camera Prank Call as well as the Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox Live Prank Calls. At some points, Buk Lau even claims to have a wife. (Asian Condom Prank Call, and Asian Singing Prank Call ft. Gotye). Buk Lau also claims to have a son named "Neelo" suffering from cancer (IRS scam prank call).

Career Edit

Buk Lau has been portrayed as a stunt double for the tv show "The Simpsons" as shown in Animated Episode 0: The Next Chapter - Ownage Pranks to earn money for more Ownage Pranks animations, and has been a babysitter as shown in "Asian Babysitting Nightmare Prank." He also owns a Chinese Restaurant.

Trivia Edit

  • Buk Lau will often ask for discounts in some of his prank calls, curse at the Prank Call victim, interrupt the Prank Call victim or ask the same question repeatedly.

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