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Ownage Pranks began his prank calling career in 2004, although most videos are at least 2007 to present. Ownage Pranks uses Skype for his calls, and occasionally does pranks in public. A few of his videos are pretty random and do not follow any sort of planned route. He posts his videos on his YouTube Channel. He also has a second YouTube channel, which is used for bloopers or extras. Ownage Pranks also calls a Gay Hotline, and is his longest ongoing series of prank calls. His videos changed after he started, and they sometimes follow a sort of order. The order followed in many videos is:

  1. Ownage calls somewhere and a complaint is made. (Usually applies to restaurants or other hospitality-driven places)
  2. A ridiculous request is made as compensation for a small screw up or consequence that had nothing to do with the called place.
  3. The opposing line hangs up and now knows to ignore Ownage's number (If they have caller ID).
  4. Ownage then simply calls back, or changes his caller ID before doing so.
  5. Sometimes, he will be the same persona to confuse and further torment the opponent, or change into a completely different persona and make similar demands as the previous caller.
  6. This escalates into either the opponent getting very angry, or just confused.
  7. Ownage may or may not call back at this point with yet another persona and confuse them even more than before or simply have them rage as he tries to keep explaining his "problem".
  8. He then breaks the news about it being a prank call. (Only Sometimes)
What is Ownage Pranks? - Trailer

What is Ownage Pranks? - Trailer

History Edit

Public PranksEdit

OwnagePranks owns 3 body suits which he can don and personify his personas. He has a black person suit, an asian suit, and an old person suit. He has done videos of himself walking around in public and acting out his personas at the unexpecting public.

He has also done many videos of going on Omegle video chat in his body suits and recording his chat partner's reactions.

Ownage also has a website and twitter. You can also purchase fan shirts to show your love or support for him.