the prank i would pull at age 22 Edit

The funniest thing i would do me at age 22 living with 2 roomates and one of them ask me to go get some food at shope n save and I would spend $16.99 using my credit card on 2 boxes of saltene premium crackers, 2 dozen of farm land eggs, 4 pounds of bacon, 3 pounds of steak, 3 pounds of ground beef 2 bags of frozen fish, 1 bag of lays bbq potato chips, 1 bag of tostitos cantina tortilla chips, and 2 boxes of cheez-its white cheddar and babby swiss,

4 boxes of pasta, alfredo sauce, 4 things of birilla pasta, low sodium lunch meats like turkey, ham, roast beef and corn beef, 3 loaves of bunny bread, a gallon of prarie farms 2% milk, 1 pound of foldgers dark roast caffinated coffee,

2 nestle coffee mate creamer, and 2 bags of fresh mixed veggies, 2 pounds of apples, 2 pounds of bannanas, and a pineapple, canned goods, and 2 12 packs of soda Coca-cola and Wild cherry pepsi, and 1 case of monster energy drinks and i go to pay for it all and i'm like dang it i forgot da salsa and cashier will say i'll find you some salsa, and i say thanks cow girl and the clerk is like you"re crazy and when i get home in my 1992 dodge van 

mand my roomate looks at what i bought and he"s like what's with the damn crap foood, and i put the food away and make some coffee and when i get a cup i get a full cup and put vanilla swiss creamer in it and drink it and then go to the bathroom, and get another cup of coffee and sit out side and my girlfriend says damn dude" you drink alot of coffee, and then get on my facebook page and post to my friend admir musich i pulled a prank on my roomate 

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