Tyrone Biggums









"DayyYYUM" -Tyrone Biggums

Tyrone Biggums is one of the most featured characters played by OwnagePranks. Most people do not realize a change in the voice due to the extreme difference between them, and Tyrone also speaks in a stereotypical manner, allowing Ownage to fool his victims. Tyrone has been a police officer, a DJ, and a robber. Tyrone was also featured briefly on Barack Obama radio, saying something quite off-putting, and was quickly disposed of. Tyrone was initially also referred to as "Tyrese"; since his early appearances, he is only known as Tyrone. Tyrone is the second-most popular character, who is after Buk Lau and before Rakesh Cristoval. Also, Tyrone's son is referenced to be Jabari several times including in the KFC Prank, and the cheating girlfriend prank.


In some pranks that ownage make sometimes ownage uses Buk Lau when the guy/girl that tyrone is pranking dosen't pick up the phone.

Quotes Edit

  • "You Tyrese motherfucker!"
  • "Hey, Boo Boo."
  • "Ay yo, wassup man?"
  • "You part of the KKK, you racist ass bitch?"
  • "Dayum, dawg!"
  • "Come on, dawg!"
  • "I saw yo' advertisement on CRAIGSlist"
  • "Dayum dawg you are fast as hell, it's only been like 14 seconds and you alrady filed a police report?"
  • "That's T-Y - Rone."

Tyrone's son "Jabari" referenced in a few pranks

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