UK McDonalds Insanity Prank
UK McDonalds Insanity Prank
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March 8, 2015

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Rakesh, Tyrone

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UK McDonalds Insanity Prank is an OwnagePranks video uploaded on March 8, 2015.

Plot Edit

Ownage calls a McDonalds in the UK as Rakesh, who quickly falls head over heels for the Scottish employee that answers.

Transcript Edit

Call 1 Edit

Kelly: Good evening, this is McDonalds, Kelly speaking.

Rakesh: Yeah, hello, I wanted to talk to somebody about my recent MACDONALDS experience.

Kelly: Okay?

Rakesh: Yeah so I come in there to getting one CRISPITUS chicken SANDAWICH but I dunno what happened I go home all night, I'm sitting on tha TOILET BOOM BOOM BOOM I don't know, right? Feeling very sick.

Kelly: Okay?

Rakesh: Yeah so what can you do it?

Kelly: And what was your ORDUH?

Rakesh: I got the K-Chicken club FRIED right? I don't remember, it's chicken patty, deep-fried but it taste not gord and then I go to bathroom not gord.

Kelly: the CHECKIN eh the chicken the way they COOK... it's just basically gettin wee cake (reheat) and- and the oil.

Rakesh: Can you say it one more time in english? I could not understand.

Kelly: *hangs up*

Rakesh: ...HELLO?

Ownage: *laughs*