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  • I live in Kentucky, United States of America.
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is Making YouTube Poops
  • I am A YouTube Pooper
  • Bio I am a YouTube Pooper and this is my bio and I exist and I'm a human and I'm a male and DUNSPARCE IS THE BEST POKEMON!
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  • Billybob125poopz

    Hi! BillyBob125poopz here. Since it's one of the main requirements in order to adopt a wiki that is active I'd like to announce I'm gonna try adopting this Wikia! This is the second attempt by someone to adopt this Wikia, the first being Hugphoenix. I really don't have much to say besides I'd like to improve this wiki, get some more admins and add all of his videos as articles.

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